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The idea of Homeshare is to provide accommodation in exchange for an agreed level of companionship and practical support in the home, bringing security and peace of mind.

Home sharing enables two unrelated people to share their lives for their mutual benefit. A home sharer provides support and companionship to a householder in exchange for free or low-cost accommodation. Homeshare can benefit many people with support or housing needs.

Essentially, we bring people together who have a great deal to offer each other. The world can be a lonely, frightening and inhospitable place if you are living on your own. It can also be problematic and costly if you are a student, young professional or living away from home, especially in a new country.

Diligent Care Services Homeshare scheme provides a positive solution for people who want to remain independent and stay in their own home, and want to continue to be part of their community and around neighbours and friends for as long as possible.

Homesharing brings a lot of benefits.

For the Home sharer: it provides an affordable home in return for a little time, help and companionship.

For the Householder: it provides peace of mind for them and for their families.


We are affiliated with Homeshare International. For further information on Homeshare International, please visit their website here.

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If you need further information or you are interested in becoming part of the home share scheme with us, please click on the homeshare logo below or contact us with the form.

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